Resolve problem where only the last issue is usable after migrating a repository from DOC1 Designer 5.4 to EngageOne Designer 6.x

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade


Only the last issue is usable after migrating repository from 5.4 to 6.x

After migration the repository from 5.4 User can see all the issues in 6.0, but when they right-click the options OPEN & READ-ONLY OPEN are grey.

Each node has the title “unusable History”.
(example: N0002002 was issued 19 times in 5.4 … in 6.0 we have 19 nodes that cannot be opened except for the last one)

The customer is also trying to log issues Online and is not letting them.


This is the documented behavior when upgrading from earlier (pre 6.x) versions. From the Designer Release Notes (attached) p.8:

Designer objects and version control
The enhanced version control feature will cause existing objects (except code pages, fonts and locales) to be put in a project called Master during the upgrade process.

Note that only the last issued and latest draft versions of publications, documents and Active Content will be copied. If an object was issued separately since it was last published, then the last published version will not be copied.


UPDATED: November 2, 2017
This is a known limitation of the upgrade.