Resolve error "Warning! can not schedule the plan . Check scheduler service on server" in Sagent Design Studio

Windows server 2008 R2


Customer is trying to schedule a plan from design studio but receiving error.

Steps performed by customer
1. Open design studio.
2. Open scheduler using scheduler icon on design studio.
3. Drag and drop plan from plan bin to scheduler.
4. Above mentioned "Warning occurs".

sagent design studio error


Design studio schedules plans in the task scheduler on the machine where DFS is running (to which DS is currently connected).

Customer has hardened the server machine security settings.
Security policies which impact the scheduling plans from design studio.

1. Network Access: Do not allow storage of passwords and credentials for Network Authentication".
2. Deny Log on locally.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
To fix issue:

Disable the first policy.
Remove the user added to second policy mentioned above.

If this does not resolve your issue please contact Technical Support.