Resolve issue where batch option -quiet doesn't suppress output to console on AIX for EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Batch (Non-Accumulated)

Operating System: AIX


During the batch execution on AIX, to reduce the amount of the text that’s written to console, User has used “-quiet” as shown in the below mentioned command line.

However, it is not working.

./ -domain $DOMAIN_NAME -template "$TEMPLATE_NAME" -deliveryOption $DELIVERY_OPTION -dir "$TEMPLATE_INPUT_DIR" –quiet

Host Operating System is AIX, version 6.1.

Cause is used for WebSphere 6.1 and is used for WebSphere 7.0.

As per the log the customer is using WebSphere 7.0 and is in the <EngageOne_Install_Folder>/server/batch/lib folder already.

It appears putting those two jar files in the batch class path would cause this issue.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
1. The batch process would load all the jar files under the <EngageOne_Install_Folder>/server/batch/lib folder. Renaming jar files won't work.
2. *REMOVE* the file from the <EngageOne_Install_Folder>/server/batch/lib folder.
3. The batch process needs Just leave it as it is and do not rename it.
4. The customer doesn't need to restart the application server.