Warning Message "GEN0255W Failed to find image with key '39' in keyed image map file" in EngageOne Generate


Warning Message: GEN0255W encountered while running the EngageOne® Generate.

DOC1GEN_INFO : GEN0255W Failed to find image with key '39' in keyed image map file


keymap.xml file was not created OR Keyed images entry for the external image was missing in keymap.xml file.


UPDATED: August 23, 2019
Steps to create a keymap file (keymap.xml) to use the external image in a publication.

1. Run doc1make to create your keymap file. 
Installer Directory:\Generate\Generate Windows and UNIX <version>\windows\Doc1Gen64
2. Create an external keymap in the Key Maps section of the Design tab, where the type needs to be "external image".
3. Add a key for each image, with a sample image reference as a placeholder, this can be any image in the repository.
4. Use this keymap file with DOC1GEN.

Refer the EngageOne Generate production guide for more information around the use of external keyed images.