Error "could not open install.log file" re-installing MapInfo Discover Bundle

Product affected: Discover™, MapInfo Professional


Error "windows is searching for discover.exe. To locate the file yourself, click Browse."  while using Datamine Discover. An attempt at reinstalling produced error:  " could not open install.log file"


This problem occurs because MapInfo Discover Bundle was installed. When trying to reinstall, Discover uninstalled but MapInfo did not completely uninstall properly.


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
This error can be resolved using below steps:

1. Remove all folders named 'MapInfo' from Program Files or Program Files (x86).

2. Install a stand-alone version of MapInfo only.

3. Then try reinstalling MapInfo/Discover bundle.

4. A message should display stating that "MapInfo is already installed. This bundle package will Uninstall MapInfo first and then it will proceed'.

5. Click Yes to the message and it will remove MapInfo and Start installing the MapInfo/Discover bundle.

6. Follow the process and the installation should complete without any error.