Image resolution of a JPEG changes after importing into DOC1 Designer

Product Feature: Designer


Change in the resolution was resulting into change in the size of image causing it to generate outside the defined boundaries


Designer was not able to determine the DPI.  The image that was being imported in designer, unit in JFIF header (a component of JPEG imgae) was set 0,This value has to be 1 or 2 to determine DPI from x & y density. In absence of this JFIF header, DOC1 was not able to determine the resolution and hence it was converting the image to 96 DPI resolution.

On the same lines, Some applications (Windows Explorer, Paint and M/S Word 2007) resolve the resolution to 300 DPI, others (Paint Shop-Pro and Coral-Draw) don't appear to find the resolution and default to 72 DPI and Designer defaults to 96 DPI (as documented).


UPDATED: April 12, 2017
This has been fixed in latest designer version(both Series 5.6 and 6) where DOC1 now picks X and Y values without reading the JFIF header information.