Resolve issue where Tray Swtiching is not happening during printing in DOC1 Designer

Product Feature: DOC1GEN


When AFP files are printed, the logic is that the first and last page should come out of tray1 and the rest of all pages from tray2.

But all pages are getting printed from tray1.


When looking at the working and non working AFP files in AFP Lookup, you will see that in the working file, the T2B1D medium map has the input tray set to 2, this is the extract: 

Element 2 
Media Source Selector: Paper Tray 2 

In the non working AFP, somebody has modified the Medium Map entry for this, so the input tray is tray 1: 

Element 2 
Media Source Selector: Paper Tray 1 

This means that it will always pull from Tray 1 regardless of whether it uses T1B1D or T2B1D 

You will find this information in the MMC Structured Field of the AFP for the Medium Map: T2B1D in the Form Definition of F1G1DFLT FormDef 


UPDATED: November 2, 2017
The User needs to correct the medium map for the file to be printed correctly.