Resolve "ERROR : failed to get TRAILER/STARTXREF" when ingesting a file into EngageOne Vault


Customer was facing an issue in Vault while consuming file.PDF was not getting ingested into Vault.
It got stuck in work folder.
We found below error in loader logs:
compressing [work\onlinebop80000000002015.pdf] profile [OnlineBOP] format [PDF]
ERROR : failed to get TRAILER/STARTXREF from file [ work\onlinebop80000000002015.pdf ] when checking UPDATE status
ERROR 50042 : failed to process frame info for file [ work\onlinebop80000000002015.pdf ]
ERROR 10128: compression failed for file [work\onlinebop80000000002015.pdf]


There was a block of binary data past the last %%EOF.

This isn't valid though most readers seem to ignore this data.
If we remove the data past the final %%EOF the file loads.


UPDATED: November 2, 2017
The workaround is:

1) Open the PDF file in Adobe reader and try to close it. 

2) Upon closing it’ll ask for , “do you want to save changes…”.
3) Click yes, you’ll see a Save as Dialog. 
4) Save this on a different location(don’t over-write).