Resolve the issue where Inspection Sampling does not generate Street Works Inspections in Confirm

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Category C Street Works Programmed Inspections have not been generated by the Inspection Sampling utility in Confirm® even though they have many available Category C Inspections specified in the Annual Program.


Street Works Programmed Inspections for an Action Officer are generated using the Inspection Sampling utility.

The Exclude Category checkbox can be ticked to exclude the Category entered in the 'Exclude from Sampling' field of the Inspection System Settings. This will ensure the Inspections of that Category are not included in the random sampling.

No Programmed Inspections are generated for a particular Organisation Group even though many are available to do.

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UPDATED: November 7, 2017
First Go to Annual Program window to check the Annual Sample for Category C Inspections for the particular Organisation Group.

In this example the Annual Sample is 1176 and completed Inspections count is 444 and Pending Inspections count is 157.

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Now go to the Inspection Sampling Utility.

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Use 'Show summary' instead of 'Print Tickets' in the Report Level dropdown to get the count of the Inspections and set a date range.

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In this example it gave a total of 122 Inspections excluding Category A whereas Category C inspections are only 11.

Finance Year 2014-2015 runs from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015. The Category C Annual Program for Anglian Water in 2014-2015 Finance Year has a total of 1176 Annual Sample. The Inspection Sampling utility is geared to keep the Authority on track with this number to ensure come the end of the Finance Year they have reached their target. Therefore:

1176 / 12 months = 98 per month

If the date range on the Inspection Sampling filter is between 08/05/2014 to 18/05/2014, which is only just over 1 month after the start of the Finance Year, so it is only expecting around 100-150 needed to be completed. The screenshot of the Annual Program shows they have completed 444 already.  Therefore the Inspection Sampling utility does not need to find more.

Another reason Inspections may not be generated for an individual Action Officer is because the number of Programmed Inspection assigned to them is greater or equal to the 'No. of Inspections' value on their Action Officer screen.