Resolve "ERROR 70148: unable to move spool file" in Engage One Vault, formerly e2Vault

Product Feature: General


User received error message "ERROR 70148: unable to move spool file" in server and render log.


This error can be caused by two issues: 

1) The same document is submitted for reprint more than once.

2) The server stores documents for reprint in temporary files under server\reprintinput which are then consumed by the consolidation process (reprint.adm flag file). In some cases you can get this error if the temporary names collide. That might happen if two documents for the same account have the same date field.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
1) If this is duplicated request, the job is already submitted and no action need be taken.

2) If it is a temporary file name collision, a consolidation would be needed to clear the existing spool file before submitting the new document.