Resolve Mapinfo Pro Error: (mipt2g v1e ada.txt:295) Cannot open file systpim1.rec

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


A Customer receives the error in MapInfo version 12.0:  "(mipt2g v1e ada.txt:295) Cannot open file systpim1.rec" This happens while opening a tool (MapBasic *.mbx) called:  MIPT 2g tool by going through tool>tool manager>add tool.

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This error appears when not opening MapInfo Pro with full Administrator Rights because MIPT tool is a third-party application.


UPDATED: December 5, 2019
To run MIPT 2G tool MapInfo Pro must be started to "Run as Administrator" so Windows security will allow the tool to interact with MapInfo Pro.
1. Place the MIPT2G file or desktop or My Documents. 

2. Open MapInfo ProRun by Right-clicking on the shortcut or start menu item and select "Run As Administrator".  Then open the MIPT2G file through tool>tool manager >Add Tool.