Resolve 'Possible compilation error or DFS cache has flushed' error in Sagent

Product Feature: Data flow Server


If either the Repository/DFS/Web-Service information is incorrect or a plan is not available for the current user and user tries to run the same plan from Automation, the following error is displayed: 'Possible compilation error or DFS cache has flushed'


Following are the possible occurrence conditions for this error message:
  • Incorrect DFS details in 'Run Plan' Task.
  • Incorrect repository details in Run Plan task.
  • When plans are not published/subscribed to 'sa' user.
  • When automation is upgraded and tasks are not updated to reflect the changes.
  • When a plan fails to compile.
  • When incorrect port number for Sagent web service is set in registry.


UPDATED: November 9, 2017
This is a known issue in Sagent and this information has been added to the patch readme for Sagent v6.8.5 and above under the 'Known Issues' section.