EngageOne Vault error 28421: more than one resource GUID is marked as primary

Product Feature: Loader


When ingesting a file into Vault, the following error is returned:

Error 28421: more than one resource GUID is marked as primary


Output from EngageOne Generate is using publishable active content, which inserts multiple resource GUIDS in the Postscript file, one from the publication, and othersd from the publishable active content:

%%Pages: (atend)
%DOC1 ResourceGUID=2512D6B1CBF74189B09080C238DC2A18
%DOC1 ResourceGUID=71042AD1725E4D5DBA26F1E1C4379C9C
%DOC1 ResourceGUID=DCEE47053FE74AD986699B5614978C26

This results in more than 1 primary resource GUID appearing in the accompanying DIJ:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<eGAD pakUID="PID_4811CBCF18B7614488A3B45308FC604F">
<platform>Microsoft Windows</platform>
<Version major="4" minor="3"/>
<NativeFormat value="PostScript"/>
<ResourceGUID p="1" value="2512D6B1CBF74189B09080C238DC2A18"/> 
<ResourceGUID p="1" value="71042AD1725E4D5DBA26F1E1C4379C9C"/>
<ResourceGUID p="1" value="DCEE47053FE74AD986699B5614978C26"/>

This stops Vault from loading the document and generates the error reported.


UPDATED: March 25, 2020
Resolved by re-running the Generate job with the latest version of EngageOne Generate (at time of writing this is

This results in the expected multiple resource GUIDS in the header of the Postscript file, but only 1 resource GUID in the DIJ file (which should be the one from the publication).