'License validation error. Context will be destroyed' message in EngageOne Deliver

Product Feature: Administration



EngageOne Deliver application did not start up and the following error is encountered in the EngageOne Deliver Log :
<Date><TIme> [EM] FATAL [pool-2-thread-1] LicenseValidationListener.contextInitialized(110) | License validation error. Context will be destroyed.


One of the possible root cause could be the corruption of the encrypted file generated from License file.


UPDATED: August 5, 2019
Please follow the below steps in order to resolve this issue:
  1. Stop the Application server.
  2. Make a back-up of the folder containing the license file from <EMSG_HOME>.
  3. Over-write the existing keycode file with the original Keycode file.
  4. Go to <EMSG_HOME>/sandbox directory, make a backup of the file that has '.' as the first character of its name and then delete it from the sandbox. E.g. '.emessaging'.
  5. Clear the content of work and Temp directories inside Application server directory.
  6. Restart Application server.

After a few seconds, the file .emessaging file should be re-created in the sandbox directory.

Alternatively, step #3 can be done slightly differently: 
Open the keycode.xml and edit (and revert) so that the modified DateTime changes. This will also result in the .emessaging file being recreated