Resolve issue where Delivery Fails with 552 4.3.1 error code in eMessaging

Product Feature: Operational Settings


Delivery Failures are seen in eMessaging report with error status of 552 4.3.1.
In emsglog4j.log file, we are seeing plenty of the following entries:
2014-06-13 13:04:50,440 [EM] WARN [pool-1-thread-3] AbstractMessageSender.doSend(205) | 552 4.3.1 Message size exceeds fixed maximum message size


Issue was found to be the significantly large size of PDF email attachment, which exceeds the allowable limit set in the email gateway side.


UPDATED: August 15, 2017
Solution was to increase the limit to the maximum anticipated size of PDF attached to email.

Few web references for increasing message size limit in different mail servers: