Resolve error "/opt/sagent/df7/bin/sagent[325]: 9076^J90^J9078: syntax error" in Sagent DataFlow V6.5.18

Product Feature: Utilities

Operating System: Solaris


We are encountering the below error while executing sagent status in a Data Flow install on Solaris
au11qapctktels2 $ /opt/sagent/df7/bin/sagent status
MW-RPC Server is running (PID=61)
/opt/sagent/df7/bin/sagent[325]: 9076^J90^J9078: syntax error
au11qapctktels2 $
This issue gets resolved on Dataflow restart.


The error indicates that at that time we ran the Sagent status, there were multiple reggs processes running for the same Solaris (SR) user.

The root cause of this has always been around the activity of starting Sagent services without properly checking if all Sagent-related processes (including Mainwin process) have been stopped or not.


UPDATED: November 14, 2017
Every time after stopping Sagent, we will need to ensure that all Sagent-related processes are killed manually if they have not stopped by themselves:
ps -aef |grep sadc 
ps -aef|grep mw
Also, there has been lots of Mainwin patches injected since version 6.7 which greatly reduce the occurrence of syntax error.