15 Insider Shipping Tips

Insider tips to reduce shipping costs, increase efficiency and improve visibility

Tight deadlines, shrinking budgets, strict requirements and changing workplaces add layers of complexity to your shipping operations. In a recent webinar, Sean Kane, Director of Channel Enablement and Strategy, shared insider tips that can help tackle shipping challenges. Here’s a quick summary of his advice:

Reducing costs is the top priority.

Shipping rates are complicated and they’re on the rise. What’s more, price increases aren’t always obvious; accessorial charges can really add up if you’re not paying attention. There are several ways to make sure you never pay more than you need to.

Stop paying retail.

Your company gets wholesale prices on materials and supplies. Why not take the same approach to shipping costs? These days most shipping software includes built-in discounts that aren’t available at your local Post Office, as well as attractive negotiated rates on parcels. If you send lots of Certified Mail, you can save more than $1.25 per letter and eliminate those pesky green cards.

Shop for the best rates.

Carrier rates and charges vary widely—and your delivery window can too. So, it’s important to have multi-carrier shipping software that makes it easy to shop for the best combination of rates and delivery logistics. With built-in discounted rates, the right selection can save you as much as 89 percent. If you’ve got people working from home or in small field offices, a cloud-based solution gives them access the best rates as well. Plus, you can easily set business rules to limit use of more costly services, such as overnight, priority or next-day shipments, to when they’re really necessary.

Avoid redelivery fees.

If you make carriers work harder, they’re going to charge you for it. Use automatic address verification, which is included at no extra cost with many solutions, so your packages will get to the intended destination on time without incurring extra charges.

Organizations want to increase shipping efficiency.

Every minute you spend on inefficient processes is a drag on productivity. With the hybrid workforce a reality, you need creative ways to keep work flowing smoothly. Fortunately, innovative technologies offer opportunities to improve control and visibility across your shipping and receiving operations.

Standardize operations and reporting platforms; set business rules to establish control.

A cloud-based solution gives you a bird’s eye view of your shipping operations. Because it gathers all your shipping and receiving data in one place, you can consolidate records, standardize rules and track packages and physical assets across your organization.

Discover a new and different way of receiving.

Smart lockers streamline contactless parcel delivery with automatic notifications, proof of delivery and a complete audit trail. Safe, convenient and secure, they make an ideal complement for parcel tracking software.

Manage operations for the new hybrid workforce model.

Use innovative parcel management technology. This can eliminate mailroom congestion and provide employees with convenient, contactless pickup that ensures security by using unique barcodes.

Enhance visibility and control.

These days, organizations are shipping more parcels from more locations. Most attendees told us that their organizations ship from between two and ten locations. That’s a lot of invoices to process and pay, ensure costs are allocated to the correct accounts, and analyze spending or control costs.

Harness analytics for deeper insights.

Leverage cloud-based solutions and analytics to gain visibility across employees and locations. Gain granular insight on usage and spend, and identify savings opportunities.

Ship now, pay later.

Take charge of your cash flow with extended credit terms and manage sending expenses for multiple locations, devices and permits through one account. Enjoy the convenience of consolidated accounts with just one invoice to pay.

Scale up and down as needed.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, choose a shipping solution that effortlessly adapts to changing business requirements while controlling costs across all your locations and departments.

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