A streamlined solution to a complex challenge

There’s an easier, smarter way to manage your mailing, shipping and postage payments

We offer what other companies can't

As longtime experts in the mailing, shipping, and postage industry, we saw the challenges our clients faced managing multiple payment platforms and manual processes. To help our customers, we established Pitney Bowes Bank and built our Payment Solutions to offer something other companies simply can’t…because they don’t have a bank.

Experience counts—Pitney Bowes Bank delivers

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Industry experience
Built specifically to meet the unique needs of postage, mailing, and shipping management
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Financial Experience
Offering the safety and security of a chartered bank, Member FDIC
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Customer experience
Designed with benefits to address the distinct challenges of businesses of all sizes and government entities
Flexible solutions to meet your cash management needs
Our Payment Solutions offer a range of options designed to meet your individual needs and help you control your cash flow based on your monthly volume and credit needs.

Deposit Account (Reserve Account) | Pay Now
An FDIC-insured, interest-bearing deposit account that maximizes your cash management and eliminates the risk of service interruptions by providing one, consistent, customizable cash supply.
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Line of Credit (Purchase Power) | Pay Later
A flexible, pay-later line of credit that preserves your cash flow, extends your DPO cycles, and minimizes the risk of service disruptions with one, consolidated credit line.
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Blended Solution | Maximize payment management
Combining solutions gives you the flexibility to optimize your payment cycles and cash flow by choosing the best way to meet your monthly cash management needs.

Simplified solutions deliver real results

Our flexible pay-now Deposit Account, pay-later Line of Credit, and blended solution options offer cost savings and process efficiencies to meet your specific goals.


Deposit Account

(Reserve Account)

Line of Credit

(Purchase Power)

Blended Solution

Maximize cash management

Preserves cash flow

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Extends payment and DPO cycles

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Conserves your other credit sources for other expenses

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Expedites cost allocation and invoicing

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Provides peace-of-mind reserve funds

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Earns interest and offers cost-efficient flexibility

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Improves cash management

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Reduces AP processing hours

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Minimizes disruptions in mailing and shipping

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Provides ability to pay expenses as you incur them 

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Offers flexible terms and amounts

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There’s a better way to manage your postage, mailing, and shipping payments

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payment solutions can streamline and optimize your cash management.

Payment Solutions Deposit Account is also referred to as Pre-Paid Deposit Account and Reserve Account. Payment Solutions Line of Credit is also referred to as Purchase Power or Purchase Power Plus.

Eligibility subject to credit approval and customer verification. This is not a commitment to lend, and this does not create, and is not intended to create a legally binding obligation on either of us. Program, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change. Banking products and services are provided by The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc., Member FDIC. Pitney Bowes, Pitney Bowes Bank, and the Corporate logo are trademarks of Pitney Bowes Inc. or a subsidiary. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.