Why it’s smarter to mail your books, catalogues, flats and enrollment kits with a trusted partner

The U.S. Postal Services delivers more than 6 billion packages annually and expects total package volume to increase approximately 7% by FY2030.

If your organization handles flat and parcel mail, you are well versed in the unique set of challenges that come with it.

  • Prices vary by carrier, destination, size, and weight, making it hard to estimate the cost of a mailing.
  • Enrollment kits, annual reports and other similar items are sent out periodically, resulting in inconsistent labor requirements.
  • This mail often comes with complicated preparation and logistical requirements, and most companies aren’t mailing experts.

If you are facing these or any other challenges with your mail, we want to show you how an experienced presort partner can simplify life and add value for your organization.

Pricing Clarity

Pricing clarity is all about consistency, transparency, and predictability.

When you work with the major carriers, you will be quoted a per-piece price. However, you can’t be confident that price will be the final cost. Most major carriers add in a variety of fees commonly known as accessorial fees or surcharges for fuel, address correction, delivery area, size, and weight. These additional fees can put a crimp in your budget and dash whatever projections you had based on that initial estimate.

On the other hand, the right presort partner should offer a fixed per-piece price with no additional fees.  This allows you to accurately predict the cost of every mailing.

Labor Relief

Keep the employees you have focused on your core business.

If you are tapping into postage discounts by sorting mail yourself, you know that postage costs are not the only thing that drives up the cost of mailings. Even in the best of times, a well-equipped mail center may not be able to efficiently print, sort and prepare this mail especially if it is only sent periodically.

Working with a trusted presort partner reduces the headaches associated with acquiring and managing labor and removes the complexity of mail sorting to obtain postage discounts. You can simply share your mail as-is with your provider, freeing you and your team to focus on other priorities.

Client Service

A trusted presort partner should offer peace of mind. You should have confidence that a partner can answer your tough questions and provide expert advice. Ideally, you will want a partner to be your one-stop shop for all your mailing needs, including flats and parcels.

That’s mailing smarter.

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