Create post-purchase customer engagement with Consumer Connect

Discover the post-purchase engagement platform for retailers and brands that transforms post-purchase interactions into an extension of their brand experience.
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Connect through branded order tracking

When customers order something online, they’ll track its location a minimum of 4 times. Each is an opportunity to engage and communicate with customers.

Consumer Connect helps you take advantage of every touchpoint along your customer’s journey, and keeps customers immersed within the brand ecosystem you’ve created to foster customer relationships.

With Consumer Connect, you can create marketing and campaign real estate where it didn’t exist before that goes beyond just “Package Tracking”.

Drive engagement and sales with a best-in-class ecommerce order tracking and post-purchase experiences

What Consumer Connect does for your online brand:
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Creates a branded tracking experience

Deliver a branded order tracking experience to shoppers that is on-brand and consistent with your own site, including:
  • Content supported gift tracking
  • Multi-carrier visibility
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Extension of your site’s experience
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Improves post-purchase engagement

Get to know who your customers are, what they buy, and what you can sell them. Provide them with timely and relevant post-purchase engagement, including:
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Social channel amplification
  • Cross-sell via product recommendations
Enables seamless ecommerce returns

Enables seamless ecommerce returns

Making the ecommerce returns process pain-free. Your shoppers will only need to open the last email from your brand to initiate returns and will receive:
  • A branded, customizable experience
  • Easy-to-use, guided UX
  • Industry-leading PB Returns Services
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Provides a 24/7 self-service CMS

Customize your post-purchase experience and make instant changes in real-time. Access data and insights including:
  • 2 fully branded, customizable templates
  • Easy-to-create custom campaigns
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Branded order tracking improves ecommerce experiences by:

  • Driving sales
  • Decreasing lost ecommerce orders (WISMOs)
  • Improving brand connections with online customers
  • Promoting additional products within a branded environment
  • Connecting with customers with social media links and feeds
  • Keeping customers in-the-loop with SMS shipping updates
  • Creating an intuitive ecommerce returns process
  • Increasing loyalty and customer lifetime value

Consumer Connect allows you to engage with shoppers across the customer journey post-purchase at points that were previously underutilized.

Consumer Connect at a glance

Customer facing templates – branded tracking and marketing
Customer facing templates – branded tracking and marketing
Vivid – Designed for vivid and rich visual online experiences
Spartan – functional, data-driven, modern and simple to use.
Publisher – a content management system for post purchase
Publisher – a content management system for post purchase
Publisher is perfect for:
Promotions and cross selling,
Rich brand exposure,
Product recommendations.
Returns – Start an ecommerce return in just a few clicks
Returns – Start an ecommerce return in just a few clicks
With Returns, users will be able to:
Access multiple label generation options, including printerless QR codes,
Easily locate drop-off locations,
Make the returns process easy and intuitive.

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