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Curb (or couch) your enthusiasm?
We ask consumers whether buy-online-pickup-somewhere is eating into the popularity of home delivery
2m read02/21/2022BOXpoll
Is crime hurting in-store or online sales more?
Concern about crime is causing more than a third of consumers to change their shopping behaviors.
3m read01/21/2022BOXpoll
Exchange rates change minds
A stronger dollar drives second thoughts among cross-border consumers
6m read11/16/2021BOXpoll
Is waiting still the hardest part?
We ask cross-border consumers how their expectations have changed about delivery speed
4m read10/21/2021BOXpoll
Big in China
While apparel & accessories are popular everywhere, these categories do particularly well in specific cross-border markets.
2m read03/20/2021BOXpoll
Speed is in the eye of the beholder
Here’s where distance doesn’t lower shipping expectations among cross-border consumers.
2m read03/20/2021BOXpoll
Southern exposure: Canadian attitudes towards US brands
Canadian consumers report spending 41% of their total online purchases with US-based retailers.
3m read02/24/2021BOXpoll
Long distance relationships are hard
Brexit agreement redraws lines among cross-border consumer behaviors.
2m read01/15/2021BOXpoll
Porch piracy is a problem. Or so I’ve heard.
7 in 10 say that it’s a problem that needs to be solved ASAP. 1 in 5 have actually experienced it.
3m read12/15/2020BOXpoll
How many deliveries are too many?
More than half of consumers have become more aware of the growing mountain of boxes at their doors since the start of the pandemic. Few feel inclined to change it.
5m read12/15/2020BOXpoll
Reconsidering the need for speed
In the aftermath of pandemic-fueled shipping delays and in anticipation of ecommerce’s largest peak ever—we asked consumers, what does “fast” shipping mean anymore?
4m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
“It’s always been a hassle, but now…”
Consumers, delivery tracking…and anger management
3m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
Curbside pickup is having a moment
So why do 1 in 4 consumers feel like they're being put to work?
2m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
Sad returns: the challenge with in-person drop-off
Among pandemic-weary consumers, nearly half find the process annoying.
4m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
Guess who’s coming to deliver
Recognition and uncertainty reshape consumers’ relationships with delivery drivers.
2m read11/15/2020BOXpoll
Disinfecting delivery
Online shoppers are protecting themselves from germy packages.
2m read10/15/2020BOXpoll