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Your customers’ growing procrastination is costing you
Trunk time. It’s a term we coined back in 2003 to call attention to how long consumers tend to wait before returning an online purchase, often because of the perceived inconvenience of having to travel to a returns drop-off location.
Getting into the online exchange game
56% of consumers want more retailers to offer convenient online exchanges. Of those, more than half say the process is often inconvenient.
3.5m read07/21/2022BOXpoll
Stretch pants are the new…pants
The (ahem) expansive popularity of athleisure drives lower return rates
2m read08/15/2021BOXpoll
Spandex killed the bracketing star
The unexpected (and profit-driving) side effect of elastic waistbands on return rates
2m read06/22/2021BOXpoll
Putting on or taking off the COVID-19?
The majority of consumers have seen their weight change during the pandemic, driving new purchases across product categories
2m read12/15/2020BOXpoll