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Package pickup: What services do different shipping carriers offer?
Every shipping carrier offers package pickup, but are there any differences in terms of time and cost savings? Learn more about your options in this blog post.
15m read01/23/2023Office
What you need to know about shipping insurance for eCommerce
Do you really need shipping insurance? Here are some reasons why additional security for your packages may be right for your business.  
15m read01/23/2023Office
Shipping and handling: The ultimate guide
Shipping and handling can be challenging to navigate for eCommerce businesses. Use this guide to calculate fees and manage shipping and handling processes.
15m read01/13/2023Office
How to create a great shipping, return and exchange policy for your ecommerce business
Shipping, return and exchange policies give customers all the information on how packages are delivered and, if need be, returned. Understanding what deliveries cost and when they’ll arrive leaves a positive impression on customers. Even if they don’t anticipate a return or exchange, knowing their options can make them more comfortable with a purchase.
15m read01/01/2023Office
UPS® Ground vs. USPS® Priority Mail® vs. FedEx® Ground: Which service is best?
Compare shipping rates for UPS Ground vs. FedEx Ground vs. USPS Priority Mail. See examples and determine which option is best for your business.
15m read01/01/2023Office
Small business shipping
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