How will you be remembered from purchase to purchase?


It only takes seconds for a consumer to switch brands and in those seconds, they only remember two things before buying again, the product and the experience that led to getting it. That’s why it’s the moments between purchases that matter most.  Own them.
Make them remarkable.


Solutions to champion your brand

Sell Farther

Reach more customers, from anywhere to everywhere.

Ship Greater

Champion your brand in every moment from purchase to purchase.

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Completely Overdeliver

Build meaningful relationships with your customers.



Achieve greater lifetime value and competitive edge with our Ecommerce platforms and services. They’re designed to enable seamless and profitable purchase-to-purchase experiences, and meaningful relationships with customers.



Scale Up Order Fulfillment


Unlike other vendors, we specialize in designing your fulfillment processes to suit your brand, from unique packaging to optimized inventory deployment based on demand profiles.




Solution details      Read case study: Rockets of Awesome



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Ship Confidently via USPS


Unlike vendors who only offer access to discounted USPS Priority Mail, Parcel Select and First Class rates, we also provide value-added services and capabilities that form a more complete solution for the needs of today’s growing ecommerce shippers.




Solution details      Read case study: Ezee-Source



Lower the Cost of Delivery


Unlike other vendors, we leverage a diversified transportation network to lower the cost of delivery. We build upon the USPS network to ensure consistent, timely and efficient customer delivery experiences.




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Make Returns More Convenient


We have the #1 Postal Returns solution in the US, with 60% share of the market. We leverage our USPS-integrated delivery network, proprietary returns zip code, and national network of processing centers to pickup and process returns faster.




Solution details      Read case study: Tobi


Leading brands trust us to deliver a great experience

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BOXpoll, for the new age of ecommerce logistics


Culture. COVID. Politics. The economy. In this quickly shifting ecommerce landscape, Pitney Bowes is surveying consumers on a wide variety of ecommerce topics each week and publishing the best of our findings every month.




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