Buy and print stamps online
with an online postage service


We make buying and printing postage stamps and shipping labels online simple. At the office, home or on-the-go, our online postage service and shipping solutions make it possible to mail and ship like a pro wherever business takes you.

Whether you’re a home start-up, multi-channel seller or established enterprise, PitneyShip™ shipping software and SendPro Enterprise® can help you simplify all your mailing and shipping needs. Learn below how SendPro solutions can save your business time and money and get answers to your questions about buying and printing postage online.


An online postage and shipping solution for every business
Your business is unique and so are your shipping and mailing needs. PitneyShip™ shipping software and
SendPro Enterprise have businesses both small and large uniquely covered.

PitneyShip™ shipping software shipping software with package weighing scale
PitneyShip™ shipping software
The quick and easy way to ship from your office, home or on-the-go.

Designed to save you time and money by simplifying all your shipping and mailing from packages to large envelopes and letters.
Simplify sending and save money
SendPro Enterprise nationwide shipping network
SendPro® Enterprise
Designed with big businesses and larger organizations in mind, SendPro Enterprise allows your company to gain visibility and maintain all shipping and mailing activity. Control your mail costs across multiple locations and departments while keeping your remote workforce autonomous.

Scalable to support 1,000s of users.
Gain visibility and control costs

How can an online postage service benefit your business?
Let us count the ways

  1. Save money by buying postage online
    Paying for postage online with SendPro provides access to discounts not available at your local Post Office or carrier store. You’ll save money on USPS First-Class Stamps®, Priority Mail® shipping labels, UPS® daily rates and more.

  2. Save time by printing postage online
    No more trips to the Post Office. No more standing in line at a carrier’s store. With SendPro you can print postage online for envelopes, stamp sheets and shipping labels right from your computer, tablet or phone.

  3. Take control by tracking shipments and postage costs
    Track your shipments and spend across carriers in one simple interface no matter what device you’re working from. SendPro solutions even include a “Best Match” tool to help you choose the best online shipping option for every item you send.


Compare features and choose the PitneyShip™ shipping software postage
service and shipping solution that’s right for you

No matter if you run a home business or a large company, we have an online postage service and shipping solution with the features you require to manage all your mailing and shipping needs.


PitneyShip™ shipping software image
PitneyShip™ shipping software
Visit product page to learn more
USPS® (standard) (Optional Upgrade),
FedEx® and UPS®
Simple User
First-Class and Priority Mail® Packages
SendPro® Enterprise image
SendPro® Enterprise
Contact 877.727.3887 for pricing
USPS®, FedEx®, UPS®, and Regional and Local Carriers
Multiple Users and Locations
First-Class Letters and Packages; Priority Mail® Packages

Frequently asked questions about buying and printing postage online


Can I buy postage stamps and shipping labels online?

Ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing technologies. Our SendPro solutions deliver those same enterprise levels of innovation and reliability in shipping software designed and priced specifically for small businesses and home-based shippers.

Can I pay for postage online?

Yes, you can. By purchasing postage stamps online, you can pay for your postage by having it charged to your credit card. Pitney Bowes also offers pre-paid deposit accounts and lines of credit for SendPro members who qualify for those services.

Can I print postage stamps and shipping labels from home?

Yes, and it doesn’t require any special equipment either. All you need is a printer. With SendPro you can skip ordering postage stamps by mail or going to a carrier’s store to send a package. Instead, you can print postage stamps and shipping labels online from your computer, tablet or phone. You can even schedule package pick-ups across carriers from your home or office.

Can I purchase First-Class postage stamps online?

As a trusted partner of the United States Postal Service (USPS), Pitney Bowes allows you to purchase discounted First-Class® postage stamps online with your SendPro solution and print them from home, the office, or anywhere you can access a printer.