A package tracking software that takes the guesswork out of inbound mail.

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Simplify receiving operations

Eliminate the costly errors—and calls to the mail center—associated with manual package receiving and tracking.

Deliver packages with precision

Automatically capture package details with a simple bar code scan, including carrier, tracking number, sender and recipient.

Ensure accountability

Gain visibility of all incoming packages moving across the organization. Complete chain of custody ensures every delivery reaches the right hands.

Experience cloud convenience

Forget IT costs and delays. Access the system from anywhere, get automatic updates, and rest easy with a security architecture that protects privacy and data.

Simplify delivery tracking with a plan tailored to your needs.

No matter what kind of organization or business you work in, there’s an inbound package tracking software solution designed for your company’s size and budget.


A simple, reliable solution to receive inbound packages and run reports.

Receive and Deliver

Seamlessly receive, deliver and manage packages and parcels that enter your facility daily.

Enhanced Receive and Deliver

Everything you need to streamline receiving and tracking operations for your business.

SendSuite® Tracking Online was designed to support multiple industries

Your business is unique. That’s why SendSuite® Tracking Online was designed to adapt to your organization’s delivery tracking needs. From college campuses to healthcare facilities, make the most of your inbound mail.

A convenient delivery tracking software designed for colleges and university campuses

With SendSuite® Tracking Online, higher education institutions get access to Last Mile USPS integration, providing students and staff to with additional package status information and a comprehensive chain of custody view. Mailroom staff will be able to track mail and packages from arrival to recipient, making campus deliveries quick and convenient.

Reduce package tracking errors within hospitals and healthcare facilities

Hospitals get busy. With hundreds of medical professionals working different shifts, getting packages to their rightful recipients can be a matter of improving the quality of patient care. This intuitive delivery tracking software reduces data entry time and any human error that comes with it.

Package tracking within corporate offices has never been easier

Between dealing with employees’ outgoing mail, keeping mailing supplies stocked and sorting incoming packages, it can be difficult to keep track of packages. SendSuite® Tracking Online allows mail center staff to account for inbound packages using their computer or mobile device.

SendSuite Tracking Online also makes tracking and delivering packages in hybrid work environments easier. Combined with our Smart Locker systems, your business will be primed for the new normal of work. Staff won’t need to constantly check to see who is working in the office that day and employees will be free to pick up their mail when they’re in the office.

Track packages securely at your law firm with peace of mind

In a legal office, receiving documents that contain sensitive information is part of the job. SendSuite® Tracking Online was designed with security in mind, allowing legal documents to be tracked until they reach their recipients with assured accountability and a transparent chain of custody.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions about SendSuite® Tracking Online? Find the answers you’re looking for.

What are the benefits of automating your company's mail center?

  1. Automating tasks in your mail center saves your organization hours of time when it comes to manual tasks like address data entry.
  2. Automation reduces human error when entering address data. This is crucial to keeping things organized when filing or sorting mail.
  3. Automation improves productivity by reducing any backtracking required to correct errors.

The results are a more efficient mailing process that gets packages to their recipients quicker and helps companies save money.

Does SendSuite® Tracking Online integrate with Pitney Bowes ParcelPoint Smart Locker solutions?

Yes, SendSuite® Tracking Online integrates seamlessly with our smart locker solutions, allowing your company to offer a secure and convenient package pickup service. You’ll be able to notify recipients by email when their incoming deliveries have arrived and keep tabs on the package until it is in their hands. Employees, staff and students are then free to pick up their packages at their convenience by simply scanning the code they received via email.