Printing a prepaid return envelope on your SendPro Mailstation

If you wish to create a prepaid return envelope, follow these steps to print the postage without a date.
Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® Mailstation LITE (HZ0L)

If you wish to use a pre-printed return envelope, card, or label on which the postage is prepaid, you must print the postage without a date.

IMPORTANT: Date removal is only permitted for use with prepaid return mail postage.

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap the right arrow to advance to page 2.
  3. Tap Date Settings.
  4. Tap Remove Date.
  5. Tap Print date on stamp to switch it to Off.
  6. Tap the Home icon.
  7. Insert the letter into the device, pushing in all the way to the back and right. The device will clamp the letter and print postage. The power button will flash while the device is printing.
  8. When the device finishes printing, remove the letter. Do not pull the letter out of the machine while the power button is flashing.

UPDATED: August 22, 2023