Setting up and initializing a TAPlus handheld Tracking Assistant used with SendSuite Tracking or SendSuite Arrival

Learn how to set up and initialize a TAPlus handheld Tracking Assistant used with SendSuite Tracking or SendSuite Arrival.
Products affected: SendSuite® Tracking, SendSuite® Arrival®, TAPlus handheld Tracking Assistants, J594, T741, T742, T743, T745, T745c, T746, T762
Note: A single bay cradle or universal serial bus (USB) cable is required for this process.

Before you begin:
To set up and initialize your Tracking Assistant, you need to know the server name and device ID. Perform the following steps on the computer:
  1. Select Windows Start > All Programs > Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) > WMDC.
  2. Place the Tracking Assistant in a single bay cradle.
  3. In the lower left corner of WMDC, ensure that the Tracking Assistant is connected. If the Tracking Assistant is not connected, on the lower right side of WMDC, select Connect without setting up your device. If your Tracking Assistant does not connect, refer to the following articles:
  1. Open a web browser and enter the server URL with /clientsetup at the end of the URL (http://<yourservername>/clientsetup).
  2. Select the Download TaPlus Installer link to download TAPlus.
  3. In your Downloads folder, double-click TaPlus.exe to start the TaPlus installer.
  4. Select Language and then select OK.
  5. Select Next. A menu with Tracking Assistant's picture displays and your device should be selected.
  6. Select Next. If your Tracking Assistant is not selected, contact software support.
  7. Select Install.
Note: If you have numerous windows open on your computer, you may get other prompts. Select Yes and Finished to the options in these prompts.

Perform the following steps on the Tracking Assistant:
  1. Select the Windows Start icon > Programs > TaPlus > Settings. If the message "A later version of the .Net Compact Framework" appears, select OK.
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. In the Host field, enter the server name or IP address of your server.
    2. For Host Type, select HTTP, HTTPS, or TCP/IP. The port will automatically change depending on the Host Type you select.
    3. Enter your device ID.
  3. Select Test. A pop-up box should appear:
  • If it says "Settings Test Failed", confirm that the information you entered is correct, and select Test again. If you continue to receive the message "Settings Test Failed", contact software support.
  • If it says "Settings Test Successful", select OK > Save > Sync.
  1. Sign in to the Tracking Assistant using the username and password you used to open SendSuite® Tracking or SendSuite® Arrival®
  • If the formats listed are not correct, re-sync your Tracking Assistant.
  • After re-syncing your Tracking Assistant, if the formats listed are still not correct, contact software support.

UPDATED: September 26, 2022