Downloading and installing printer drivers for the DP40 and DP40S printers

Learn how to install printer drivers for the DP40 and DP40S printers.
Products affected: DP40, DP40S
To install printer drivers for a DP40 or DP40s printer:
  1. Download the printer drivers.
  2. Extract the drivers.
  3. Double-click on Xinstall.exe.
  4. Select either Windows 32-bit Driver or Windows 64-bit Driver.
  5. Select Next twice.
  6. Chose your installation directory and select Next.
  7. When the installation is complete, select Close.
Add the printer in Windows:
  1. Select Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes > Add a Printer.
  2. If connected via USB, select the USB port.
  3. If connected through the network, create the network port:
    1. Select Create a New Port.
    2. Select Standard TCP/IP Port.
    3. Select Next.
    4. Enter the IP address of the printer and select Next.
    5. Select Generic Network Card and select Next.
    6. Select Finish.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021