Updating your software and USPS rates for DM100i and DM200L (P700, P705, P7L1, P7L5)

Learn how to update your meter's software for DM100i and DM200L.
Products affected: DM100i® (P700, P705) and DM200L™ (P7L1, P7L5)
Follow these steps on your meter to update your software and USPS rates:
  1. Conduct a postage balance inquiry:
    • Press the Add Postage key.
    • Select Check PBP balance from your menu display.
  2. When Add Postage Yes/No displays, press the red No button to continue with your system update.
  3. Select Get Update Now to start your download procedure.
  4. Your meter returns to your Home screen when your new software download completes.

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UPDATED: October 26, 2021