Running a receiving report in PitneyAnalytics

Run a receiving report to view current or recent locker utilization across the enterprise.
Products affected: PitneyAnalytics

Run a receiving report in PitneyAnalytics to view current or recent locker utilization across the enterprise.

  1. Select Analytics > Reports.
    select Analytics > Reports
  2. Select the Receiving tab.
    PitneyAnalytics Analytics Receiving tab
  3. Use the filters to select the data you wish to view.
    analytics dashboard filters no decimal preferences

    1. Filter: The default value is Division/Region.
    2. Division/Region: Select the divisions you wish to view.
    3. Location: Select the locations you wish to view.
    4. Date Range: Select one of the preset time periods, or select Custom Range to enter a specific date range.
    5. Refresh: Once you have selected all of your options, click the refresh icon to display the report.
  4. Use the tabs in the lower section to select how you want to display the information.
    PitneyAnalytics report sub-filters
  5. Select and arrange the data you want to view. If you select different options, click on the refresh icon to update the report.
    PitneyAnalytics refresh button
    1. Select View by to change the sort column.
    2. Select the Show/Hide Columns button to select which columns are visible in the report. If you change the visible columns, click Save.
      PitneyAnalytics Show/Hide Columns button
  6. Use the search box to search the report by the primary sort column.
    PitneyAnalytics reports search
  7. Click the Export button to export the report to either a CSV or Excel file.
    PitneyAnalytics report export button
    If your report contains a large amount of data, it will be processed in the background and you will be notified when you can download it from the Exports tab.

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UPDATED: April 11, 2024